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Common Questions About Memory Care

Memory loss can be a challenging and difficult process. Individuals experiencing memory loss may find themselves feeling alone, isolated, and depressed. For those taking care of a loved one experiencing memory loss, there may be feelings of helplessness, guilt, or frustration. Please know these feelings are normal and you should not feel bad about having these feelings.

While the move to a senior living community can be a big one, there are a lot of benefits to living in a community where assistance – including memory care services – are readily available from professionals who are well-versed in how to work with individuals experiencing memory loss and want to help.

Below is one of the simplest yet most important questions when searching for a Memory Care community:

I have a loved one in need of memory care. What should I be looking for in a senior living community and/or memory care services?

It is very important to understand that memory loss has many different facets and impacts people so differently. Some individuals can maintain their independence and mobility yet cannot recall certain daily things such as when should they eat or what/if they ate earlier in the day. Said individual may have trouble recalling when they talked to a loved one, even if it was just yesterday. Other individuals may be able to recall these things, but their memory less has a bigger impact on their cognitive and physical abilities. Making sure you fully understand the specific impact memory loss is having on your loved one is crucial for any care plan.

In regard to the community or communities you are considering, consider this: a good community understands that the biggest key to having a positive impact on individuals with memory loss is the initial approach and patience. This concept is true with most people, but especially for someone with memory loss. Having patience in your initial approach is key for creating a positive experience no matter what task you are trying to accomplish together. An initial positive approach combined with patience has a massive effect when it comes to building a positive experience.

Talking to Your Loved One About Memory Care Services

Memory Care services are available to keep your loved one safe while still allowing them to live a fulfilling life. The best place to start is through open and honest conversation. This may be directly with your loved one or with your family as you navigate this type of decision. For some, this process will be easy and simple. For others, it will take more time and several conversations.

Communities such as Chester Street Residence exist to help make this type of decision easier on residents and families. Talking with a senior living community about your loved one should feel like a collaborative conversation. It is the community’s responsibility to not only take care of the resident but to take care of their family as well. Everyone should feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

If you have the need to know more about Memory Care, Chester Street Residence is happy to help you navigate this process. Our team is here and always available to help guide you, call us at 248-439-6800 or email wecare@chesterstreetresidence.com to learn more.

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