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 by JHR - I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident
Extraordinary Care from Chester Street Residence

I wish could express my gratitude for the extraordinary care, attention, and thoughtfulness of the owner, managers, and staff of Chester Street Residence, but simple words are just not enough.

Calling this a facility for assisted living and memory care holds deep meaning for everyone at Chester Street. They truly care about helping the residents live their days comfortably and making happy memories. They are incredibly kind, considerate, and welcoming of the family members as well. The residents are known by name and cared for as family.

We have had a few experiences with care for our uncle that has been less than attentive. But, at Chester Street, he is receiving care that I did not even know possible - medical care, physical and occupational therapy, emotional support, assistance with general hygiene, and most importantly a fist-bump and a smile on the regular from the AMAZING staff throughout each day.

My uncle had suffered some major medical set-backs over the past few months. When I came to Chester Street Residence searching for an apartment and help for him, Marty and Trish hugged me and said he would be safe and happy there. No truer words have been spoken. My uncle was given an apartment with a view, I was given a key card to visit whenever I liked, and we were both blessed with a new home where there is love.

We are both eternally grateful to Chester Street Residence and look forward to all the days to come in this wonderful care home!

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 by A friend/relative of the current/past resident
After falling and hospital treatment, previous care facility denied her return - Chester Street Stepped Up

My mother was in another memory care facility for the past two years and fell. She was sent to the hospital for just under two weeks. We were informed of her discharge with just a few hours notice from the hospital. The facility she was residing in informed us they weren't going to take her back in that moment because they felt they could no longer care for her without us also providing 24/7 independent care. We weren't in a position to do that. I'm sure most people aren't. My and husband and I were referred to The Chester Street Residence. Marty and Trish met with us within an hour. We were extremely distraught and lost. They both put our minds at ease immediately and made the transition from the hospital to Chester Street seamless. My mom has been there for two weeks and we are very pleased with the staff, communication and facility. We appreciate all of their support and wish we would have known about them a lot sooner. My mom does have a part time independent care giver who has been with my mom for four years and visits almost daily. She was never happy with the previous facility and is very happy with the care she is receiving here.

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Thank your for the Kind Review - Scott Seltzer - Chester Street Residence

 by Marjorie
Friendly, kind, caring efficient staff

First Impression - no unpleasant odor - ever! Friendly, kind, caring efficient staff took excellent care of my husband for 2 years and was equally as kind to me and my family. Placing my husband in a facility was difficult but necessary. I never had occasion to regret choosing Chester Street Residence. He was happy, content, well fed, well cared for; he never asked to "go home." It quickly became home. I never hesitate to recommend Chester Street to anyone needing a fine placement for a loved one.

 by Mark Brown
We were so happy to find Chester Street

We moved our mother into Chester Street Residence in July of 2020. Her declining health and increasing dementia really left us no option. Our Mom detested hospitals and anything "institutional," so we were so happy to find Chester Street right around the corner from us.

The personal attention of Marty, Scott, and (at the time) Kathy were the antithesis of other places we considered. They were extremely helpful and considerate through the entire process of moving her in and throughout her stay there.

Their focus on having caregivers being "dedicated" to individual residents is the key to their success. My brother and I really felt that Netta care personally for our Mom, and the attention that she (and the tight group of caregivers who looked after our Mom) gave was heartfelt.

CSR did the best that they could to manage her care through the COVID crisis. We visited often through her first floor window, and the staff was always very responsive when we would call to request they open her window and get her in a wheelchair when we arrived, and to get her back comfortable when we left. I feel we should have tried their patience long ago, but they were always friendly and there when we needed them.

We were able to visit her on the porch when it was warm, and they devised a smart indoor visit system when it turned cold. Marty advised us well on getting hospice when she needed it, which was a blessing.

Sadly, she passed at the end of October. But I know that her last few months were better than they might have been thanks to the attention and care given by everyone at Chester Street Residence. Thank you for caring for our Mom.

 by Deborah Silver
The owners and facility administrator do an outstanding job

My partner of many years is currently a resident at Chester Street. The owners and facility administrator do an outstanding job setting and maintaining a high standard for care. They also go above and beyond to keep family members informed and involved at a time when visitation to the home is restricted due to the covid virus. It is a small facility with an emphasis on personal and humanitarian care. The staff people are competent caregivers, and treat my partner as if he were family. I am comforted by the knowledge that he is living and being looked after in a place I can trust.

 by Bhurd
This is a top-notch facility

My mother spent the last year of her life at CSR--and, in every way, CSR enhanced that year for her and the family. This is a top-notch facility, with caring, compassionate, well-trained and communicative folks. And that was especially true when the COVID pandemic arose. With the lockdown, CSR owners, management and staff rose to even greater heights to provide the very best in care and communication. When I first visited CSR I thought "there's no way they can be as good as they look". They were and still are. If you're looking for the best in assisted living, CSR is tops the list.

 by nlow
This a place that your loved one can be well taken care of

I highly recommend this facility. Every one that works there from the maintenance people, aides, nurses, cook, director and owners bends over backwards to make this a place that your loved one can enjoy and be well taken care of. I work in the health care field and the Director Kathy is the most caring helpful knowledgeable Director I have ever met. It is a smaller facility, only 50 rooms which were all renovated 8 years ago before the owners first opened. The rooms are small but my Dad was able to fit a double bed, a couch, a dresser and 2 chairs in his room. Each person has their own accessible bathroom. Because it is smaller it is a very family oriented place. All the workers, including the owners work hard to get to know all the residents. When Covid first came to MI , Chesterfield immediately took steps to keep the residents safe way before a lot of other assisted care facilities. Sadly unessential visitors are not allowed right now. My Dad passed away on April 8 of a non covid related illness so I was not able to visit him the last 3 weeks of his life. But I know since I couldn’t be with him he was still getting the best care possible. They were very good at sending pics and helping us FaceTime. I know my Dad is in a better place now, happy to be with my Mom but if he was still on this Earth he would be living at Chesterfield.

 by Ronald Elder
We were very grateful for the loving care that our father received

We were very grateful for the loving care that our father received during the nearly four years that he resided at Chester Street Residence. We saw the kindness and gentleness that everyone provided to him every day during every interaction with him. We knew that he felt happy and content there, and we knew he was well cared for and safe.

He told us often that he was very comfortable at Chester. He appreciated the efforts to reach out and engage him in conversation. He told us that he enjoyed going down for meals with “the rest of the guys”, and he enjoyed his food and his coffee!

We know that his life was increasingly challenging during his last few months and we were impressed that he never complained. Nor did the team ever flinch as his needs became greater. He was happy and content to his last day at Chester Street.

 by Jim Vigeant
I can’t rave enough about the quality of care

When my dad’s dementia got to the point where living alone was not safe, my sister and I had to look for a new place for him. It was a long process and we looked at several options, like adult day cares and other facilities. Luckily, we were introduced to the team and facility at Chester Street Residence. From the very beginning our questions and concerns have been answered. When we walked out of our first meeting with Marty, we knew this was the perfect place for my dad.

The building faces a side street (Chester) in Royal Oak just off Crooks. The neighborhood is quiet and very walk-able for when we stop by and take my dad out. On the interior the place is always kept clean and the residents all seem healthy and happy. The staff is always welcoming to us when we visit and I always feel a connection.

I can’t rave enough about the quality of care, responsiveness to issues, communication, management, and food.

The My dad is happy in his new routine at Chester Street Residence. I highly recommend for anyone looking for memory care for a loved one. For us it was a perfect fit.

 by Larry Powe
They are the very best

This is by far the best assisted living facility I have visited in southeastern Michigan. Many of my clients and/or their relatives have been in many, many such facilities over the past 25 years, including my own mother. I cannot give the Seltzer family and all the staff bigger accolades than tell them they are all terrific. They treat their residents exactly like their own family and loved ones. My recent experience was for my 100-year-old "aunt", who as a widow with no children, she was extremely vulnerable to neglect. Not at Chester Street Residence. They are the very best. Thank you for all you did for our "Bunny".

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